Damn Earthquakes Taking All The Good Jobs in This Country!

As many of you know, I work at The-Place-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named-For-Fear-That-Someone-From-Human-Resources-Reads-This-Blog-and-Will-Fire-Me or TPTSNBNFFTSFHRRTBAWFM for short.  Sometimes the stupidity of the customers amazes me, and yesterday was another one of those funny moments.

These two old ladies were at the cash register and they are checking out the water jug we have set up for Haiti.  This is the exchange, almost verbatim.

Old Lady One:  What’s this jug for?
Old Lady Two:  For those ungodly Haitians.
OL One:  Ethel!
OL Two:  What?  If those people had used condoms this problem would not be happening right now!  I am serious!  They all have AIDS and this is what happens to people like that.

Unfortunately for me, I could not say anything.  Mainly because they were old, which means they cannot be reasoned with.  It is true, most old people (and these ladies were well over 80) refuse to listen to anything that contradicts there point of view.  Sadly, she probably got her information from the 700 Club or maybe from Paul Shirley.

Another gentleman said something about the jug, and at first I thought he was being a prick, but then he clarified himself.  He basically thought it was sad that it took a massive loss of life for people to decide to drop some changes into a jug or for companies to take up a collection.  He feels that these kinds of jugs should be out all year and should support numerous charities.   I agree with him, unfortunately TPTSNBNFFTSFHRRTBAWFM would probably argue that people would be less willing to give year around and that would make them look bad come Christmas time when they do their annual charity drive…

I also noticed quite a number of people on facebook saying idiotic things like “we need to be focused on the people here who are suffering, not the people in Haiti.”

Ugh, I hate this argument.  Well, it is not really an argument, more of a ridiculous statement.  It is true there are people here in America who have lost their jobs, have no insurance, been screwed over by the government, etc.

This was a natural disaster that hit Haiti.  Not caused by crappy government leaders or greedy corporations, but instead by tectonic plates that cannot be reasoned with, or say voted out of office…That is the thing most of these people do not understand.  The problems in America cannot be fixed by tossing some charity money at it, but instead by people becoming educated before they go into the voter booth.  Instead of believing that the main issues are abortion and gay marriage, start reading about what policies these folks will be pushing for concerning trade, corporate shenanigans, etc.

I know someone is thinking, “well what about Hurricane Katrina!?”  That was a natural disaster.  Yes it was, very good.  And look at how the rest of the world responded.  Even Albania joined in with some money.  I realize that some of those donations seem paltry compared to the hundreds of millions the US plans to give to Haiti, but hey, we can afford it.  Albania cannot.

Okay, that was my rant for the day.

5 thoughts on “Damn Earthquakes Taking All The Good Jobs in This Country!

  1. right on. people do have some ridiculous ideas about this stuff. there is so much misinformation out there it is amazing and makes it difficult to get a legitimate message out there.

  2. I think I understand the ladies point though. You see, Haitians have HIV and lots of kids. It is a well known fact* that HIV causes you to weigh more than other people.

    These people caused the tectonic plates to shift causing the earthquake! Therefore, condoms could have prevented this catastrophe.

    *a fact that I just made up for this comment

  3. Lookin at that Katrina wiki you linked to, it appears that just from Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE we got $700 million. And as of right now (well as of this summer), the place still looks like the hurricane happened last week. Sure, Bourbon St. is all fine and dandy, but drive a few miles off the strip and you’re right back in 2005. This does not compute.

  4. Well who knows how much of those figures actually went to anything useful in New Orleans. Just pointing out that people who feel we should go to an isolationist policy in regards to Haiti should be taken out and shot.

  5. Also, if you keep reading the entire wiki thing it says that only $40 million has been collected. I am guessing when countries start offering things like $400 million worth of free oil and what not, certain folks go “whoa whoa whoa, why would you donate when you could sell it to us and then let us resell it at twice the price???” Silly foreigners, always trying to give away oil.

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