Football Sunday

Well today is Championship Sunday, and since I am keeping myself awake after working third shift, I figured I might as well make my picks.

I will be rooting for the Saints in this one.  I like the Saints, who doesn’t?  Cool uniforms, great back story, and Drew Brees, what is not to like?  If the Vikings win, I will just tune out sports for the two weeks because I cannot imagine the idiotic crap I will be forced to hear about Brett Favre.

This might be a pretty good game.  Great defense vs great offense.  Or it could end up being a really crappy game.  I will go with the second option.  Mainly because every time I think a game will be awesome, it ends up being boring and slow, with 46 punts.  Shoot me now.  Anyways, I will go with the Colts.  I like Peyton Manning, sue me.

And here is the new video from adultswim, but without my true father, Carl.  Try to make sense of anything Earl says, it is pretty rough.