Girlfriend of the Week

Since I finished Mad Men seasons one and two, I have decided that it is appropriate for me to use Christina Hendricks as my GOTW.  I wanted to post pictures of her awhile back, but I felt that it would be odd since I had never seen an episode of the show.  Well, that is over, and I can post as many pictures of her as I wish.
Damn, just look at those huge boobs.  I would try to be clever and say something about the rest of her, which is definitely hot, but how can you not just stare at her chest?

One of the best things about her on the show is that she still looks super hot, considering the setting is the 1960s, where she dresses a bit conservative for us youngsters.

I would love to work in an office if she were there.  Although, who knows how productive I would be (about as productive as the folks on Mad Men after a few drinks and the gatherings to discuss all the hot tail in the office).

I will leave you with one more photo, because it is my blog and I will do anything I damn well please.

I can guarantee that this will not be the last you see of her on this blog, once I get caught up with season three (when it comes out), I might write about each week’s episode (as an excuse to post pictures of hot girls from the show, who wants to complain about that?)