Mugshots Robbed!

Apparently while I was being tortured by bad versions of Montell Jordan’s This is How We Do It, my friend Steve was being held up at Mugshots.  I do not have the full version of what happened, but here is Steve’s text messages to me:
Steve:  Dude walkd in2 mugs @last call w a gun, robbd me matt n jeremy, nic was in the back, every1s ok.
Me:  Did they catch the guy?
Steve:  not yet, they think hes local tho, oh, n theyre not gettin me this time, my written statement is detaild as SHIT! It looks like 1 of ur fantasy books.
Me:  haha.  remember if they want to plea jump at it.
This goes on for a bit, especially a few jokes about us being lawyers (Steve told some girl he knows who we bumped into at the courthouse that we were lawyers…) and then I ask if Steve is still going to Mugshots.

Steve:  No dude, im here now, its sad 2say but its not the 1st time a strap was in my face, n prob wont b the last haha, +dude was the WORST robber ever, it was actually kinda funny

Forgive the guy for the text speak, I was going to clean it up, but since everyone in the world now talks like this, I figured it would probably be easier for everyone to read.  He then tells me to check KDKA for a video of Danny, the manager of Mugshots, wearing a suit and talking about the incident.  It is right here.  Anyways, I cannot wait to head to Mugshots to hear this whole story.

4 thoughts on “Mugshots Robbed!

  1. 1.Stevie’s become quite the robber magnet. Might be time for him to hang at the Redstone.
    2. Danny cleans up nice for his pressers. But really,Dan, Cheers?

  2. I do not remember Cheers ever having someone pull a nail file (or as they claim, a knife) on anyone. Or guys tell Carla that they want to put their picture on a cantaloupe and have sex with it….

  3. I’ve always wanted to be in a place that was being robbed. Not sure why. Kind of a bucket list kind of thing. I also want to get held up in an alley by a guy with a switchblade. Hopefully while the Mortal Kombat theme song is playing in the background.

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