New TV Shows

There are two new TV shows I have been watching that I figured should be mentioned.  One is hilarious, the other is umm, well we shall get to that.

Archer is the new show from the guys behind Sealab2021 and Frisky Dingo.  Instead of being on adultswim though, the new series is on FX.  Since it is on Thursday nights, I guess it is the season replacement for Always Sunny and The League.  If you are fan of those shows, you will probably enjoy Archer.

The show is about a secret agent, who is very James Bondesque.  Well he likes to drink and have sex, that is where they are similar.  After that, Archer is a complete moron.  Luckily his mom runs the organization he works for or he would probably be out of a job.  Not a show that you have to sit down every week and watch, just something great to tune in for 22 minutes, laugh a bunch and then flip the channel.  And that is not a bad thing.  Sometimes my brain cannot handle all the shows out there that have way too intricate of plots.

If you are wondering, the picture is of Lana Kane, Archer’s ex-girlfriend, and the top agent at ISIS (where they work).  She is dating the nerdy comptroller in the show, which causes for some hilarious banter between her and Archer.

Human Target
The other show I am watching is Human Target on FOX.  I guess it is based on the comic book, which I never read.  Yes, I am a comic book guy admitting that I have not read everything out there.  Big deal, wanna fight about it?

The show is a formulaic action show.  Or at least it should be, unfortunately it will have this whole mystery angle, like how Christopher Chance got into the bodyguard business and how he used to be some kind of really bad guy.  Whatever, that can be eliminated.  Just blow stuff up, have some fights, guest star hot girls, and accept what you are.

There was a very funny moment during the pilot where Jackie Earle Haley gets threatened by some goons hired by some company.  He then tells them that they can go outside and rough him up since that is all they are authorized to do and that when everything is over he will pay a visit to their houses and murder (I think he implied murder) them in their sleep, as well as their families.  He then tells them all their personal information (full names, children’s names, address…)  The dude plays a pretty funny/creepy guy on the show.

This could be a guilty pleasure show, or it could just annoy me fairly quickly.  Time will be the judge on that one.  Actually, I will be the judge over time.  Whatever.