Weekend Update

I had a pretty awesome weekend.  Why?  Well I was off and that always makes it 46X better than going to work.  Anyways, here is a recap of the weekend, this should be about as fun for you as a rectal exam!

I got home from work around five and decided to just relax for a little bit.  After awhile I took a shower and got ready with the intention of maybe going out for a beer or something.  Well I sat down on the couch and ended up finishing my book.  After that I no longer felt like going anywhere, so I curled up on the couch and watched the first half of the second season of Mad Men.

I woke up Saturday and decided to clean up my apartment a little bit.  Nothing major, just emptying the trash, throwing away soda bottles…etc.  Then I went to the grocery store and spent the majority of my $100 gift card from my mom.  Finally have food in the apartment again.

Around four I went over to have dinner with Kacie at Red Lobster (which she and her friends call “The Lob”, yes it is gay).  We had this really cute waitress server seafood expert named Alyssa.  A seafood expert?  Yes, she apparently knows everything there is to know about the proper methods for filleting tilapia.

We left there with the intention of seeing a movie, to kill time we headed to Target.  Kacie decided she did not want to see a movie and that we should buy a game or something instead.  I call my mom and she says that she is up for some Scrabble, so Kacie and I head over to my mom’s house.

We play a game of Scrabble with my mom (she kicks our asses) and watch the Eagles get destroyed by the Cowboys.  Mom goes to bed, so Kacie and I play another game, which I win.

I get up and decide it is time to do laundry.  Not only do I do the laundry, but I put it away.  Simply amazing.  I also read some comics and watch football all day.  I went over to my brother’s place to watch the new Family Guy Star Wars DVD, which was quite funny.  Later that night Kacie calls and wants me to go to the Arena for karaoke.

I head over and get tortured by people singing badly.  People need to stop singing crap like Rob Base.  And if you do insist on giving us some good old early 90s rap, then please tuck your t-shirt into your jeans.  That makes you look gangsta.  Also, Robert, do not sing Coldplay…

Karaoke can be a good time, especially if you are drunk enough and do not notice how bad everyone is singing.  Unfortunately that was not the case for me, plus if you have ever gone enough you learn that everyone does the same songs at every karaoke bar in the world.  Why do they have the huge book?  Just get a sheet of paper with like 50 songs…

Anyways, we left there and headed back to my place where we drank some more beers and discussed comics.  So, you may be asking the question “what made the weekend so good?”  Well I did not do all the much, yet I felt like I got a lot accomplished.  It was nice to not drink (especially on Saturday), actually nicer not being hung over all weekend and sleeping each day away. 

And so you do not feel like this was a complete waste of your time, here is a picture of January Jones from Mad Men.  She is so hot.