2010 Baseball Predictions

Normally I try to wait until sometime in March to post my predictions for the upcoming season, but I am way too excited for baseball to start.  Feel free to post your own predictions in the comments.

NL East

I always want to dismiss the Marlins.  Yet every year they do rather well in their division.  The Braves upgraded a good bit, this must be their final push to win for Bobby Cox.  The Mets, wow what can you really say about them?  I do believe they and the Marlins should be pretty close all season.  The Phillies are the clear favorite, with some competition from the Braves.  The Nationals, well they are there.

Insane Division Prediction:  Josh Johnson, the Marlins ace, will have some sort of arm trouble this year and miss multiple games or have a terrible season.

NL Central

Obviously Pujols will just lead his team to victory.  He doesn’t even need a team with him.  If he started pitching, he would probably throw 26 no-hitters in a season.  Anyways, if Carpenter and Wainwright pitch like they did last year, they run away with the division.  I cannot decide between the Cubs and Brewers.  The Brewers do not have the pitching, and Cubs will all get hurt.  On a bright note, the Pirates may not finish in last place, the Astros do not look very good.

IDP:    Homer Bailey pitches a no-hitter against the Pirates.  Still goes 9-11 on the season.

NL West

Every magazine, every internet article I read has the Rockies picked to win the division.  The thinking is that if Jim Tracey can get them to play like that all season…blah blah blah.  Remember when they went to the World Series, did they play like that the following year?  Exactly.  If the Dodgers stay healthy, they win this division.  The Giants have the pitching, they should just offer Bonds a one year contract.  Even without ‘roids, and well into his 60s or however old he is, he can probably still hit more home runs than the current outfield.  D-backs and Padres, yep they play in the division too.  I do not think the D-backs will be quite as bad as last year, and the Padres will certainly prove that they suck.

IDP:  The Padres do not trade Adrian Gonzalez, and he does not hit more than 32 home runs this season.

NL Wildcard:  Rockies
NLDS:  Cardinals defeat Dodgers, Phillies defeat Rockies
NLCS:  Phillies over Cardinals
NL MVP:  Chase Utley…actually this will probably go to Pujols again, he is that good.  Utley could finish second though.
NL CY YOUNG:  Roy Halladay, I see him winning 20 games for the Phillies.  Lincecum finishes second and there will be a huge debate over who deserved it more.
NL ROY:  Alcides Escobar,  SS for the Brewers.  I believe he is still eligible as a rookie this season.  If not, then I need a secondary pick:  Jason Heyward, OF Braves.
Pirates Record:  72-90. A ten game improvement in one season would be HUGE.

AL East
Red Sox
Blue Jays

This is always a tough decision.  Well except for the bottom two, they were pretty obvious.  This will be a cutthroat race for those top three spots and most likely the wildcard will also come out of this division.  I think the Red Sox are going to see that maybe resigning Jason Bay would have been a smart thing.  I do not believe Adrian Beltre and Mike Cameron are the answers.

IDP:  After failing to trade for Adrian Gonzalez, the Red Sox will trade for Garrett Jones.

AL Central
White Sox

At first I put the Twins up top, but then the more I thought about it, the more I really liked the Tigers.  They have some really good young pitchers, and still a very solid lineup.  Although if the White Sox sign Johnny Damon, it is all over…just kidding.  I want to root for the Royals this year.  I want them to improve and be the team that shocks the AL Central (much like how I predicted the Rays would do the same in the East…)  The Indians, they just suck.  It is actually kind of sad.

IDP:  Jeremy Bonderman pitches a few games for the Tigers, racks up a bunch of Ks, then gets traded away, and gets hurt immediately.

AL West

I have a tough time believing the Angels win their division again.  Unfortunately, I just cannot see who would dethrone them.  The Mariners have the possibly the best 1-2 starter combo in the AL, yet they also could be using Ian Snell as a #3 or 4 starter.  If you want something to make you laugh, check these teams final W-L Expectancies for 2009.  They played much better than they actually were.  Except for the A’s.

IDP:  Ian Snell takes a no-hitter into the sixth inning, then promptly gives up seven runs.  Gets demoted to AAA, where he kills his catcher for telling him to throw more inside fastballs.  No lie, this will happen.

AL Wildcard:  Rays
ALDS:  Yankees over Angels, Rays over Tigers
ALCS:  Rays over Yankees
World Series:  Rays over Phillies.  A rematch of two years ago, I think that was the lowest rated (television-wise) World Series ever, if I remember correctly.
AL MVP:  Evan Longoria.
AL CY YOUNG:  Felix Hernandez.  Gideon will probably have an orgasm because of this.
AL ROY:  Austin Jackson, OF, Tigers.  Although, my secondary pick is Jesus Montero, C, Yankees, mainly because if Posada gets hurt, Montero will get his chance and apparently he can hit.
Royals Record:  75-87.  I figured I needed an American League team to balance out my Pirates prediction.

Think you can do better than me?  Prove it.

4 thoughts on “2010 Baseball Predictions

  1. I will post mine on the pancake as well, but in march…i like to see a few spring training games first. Though I am really freaking excited about the season this year. You guys see the links all over the place for the first person to throw a perfect game on mlb 2k10 or whatever it is, gets a million dollars?

  2. I still can’t believe the Mets did almost nothing this post season. No solid pitching, no added depth. I do like Jason Bay, but to think he might have anywhere near his Boston numbers in CitiField is beyond absurd.

    That being said, if the Injury God can keep his wrath in check this year, I think the Mets make a run at the Wild Card. But if two or three starters go down, they’re done for. Again.

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