24: 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

It was a pretty lackluster episode.  I was actually nodding off during parts of it.  Then all of a sudden, Renee is stabbing the shit out of Vlad, Jack tries to grab her, but she buries the knife in his gut.  Vlad’s main henchman comes in and Jack pulls the knife out and throws it across the room sticking the guy in the throat.

So far Jack has killed guys with an ax and a throwing knife.  This season would be complete if he starts using a chainsaw.  Or a giant broadsword.

That being said, the rest of the subplots suck.  I look forward to seeing Jack get tortured.  Although, how many times have we seen him get the torture treatment?  He never breaks.  Christ, are they going to see the scars from his Chinese torture sessions?  I love in Joe Abercrombie’s books, when Glokta is asked if he talked when he was tortured “of course I did.  I told them everything I knew, then I started making up stuff.”  I may have paraphrased.

As Scotus points out over at DCUniverse, the part where Kevin gets the numbers backwards is kind of funny.  Mainly because Jack never forgets minute details.  Chloe will be like “Jack the serial number you need is 45HRJ3242354524253452345265657356524355768879525435” and Jack would rattle it off like three episodes later.