24: 11:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Jack gets tortured.  Then goes on a rampage and kills all the Russians.  I definitely had a few funny thoughts during the show though.

-Has Jack never seen the movie Die Hard?  Grab some shoes before you go out to face the rest of the bad guys.

-Wait, someone from CTU actually defers to Jack’s judgment?  Wow, Hastings may be the best CTU leader of all time.

-How many times has Jack killed a potential witness?  Renee does it one time and they are ready to crucify her.  That does not seem very fair.

-When Jack takes down Sergei, he sits down and takes a breather.  What if there was another guard outside the building having a smoke?  That dude would have gotten promoted real quick.

-I was pretty sure that Joseph would do something like steal the nuclear rods, since he seemed to be taking burying his brother pretty well.

-Please tell me that Dana will take a bullet soon, she is so damn annoying.  In fact, aside from the main story, the rest of the show blows.  President Hassan sucks, he goes from being this great leader, to a paranoid psycho in less than six hours.

-What the hell happened to all of Jack’s scars?  Or were the Chinese kind enough to only leave them on his back?

-Apparently, Sergei has no clue where the rendezvous point happens to be.  He couldn’t just say to Jack “oh, they must have taken them to Farhad at the docks, you can meet them there.”

-Let me get this straight, Farhad and his military supporters needed President Hassan dead before they could start making nuclear weapons, yet after the failed assassination, the general informs Farhad that the plan is already set into motion.  Why not just get the nuclear rods a few days before?  If the Russians had to wait for them to get to the US (which seems stupid, why not just have them safely tucked away in a cargo ship at sea?), then why not just bypass the US and go right to whatever country you are selling them to?  Way too many holes in this plan.