24: 12:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

This was a pretty good episode, and then the last ten minutes (maybe not that long, but it felt like it) focused on Cole and Dana.  It just annoyed me and I wanted to strangle someone.  Needless to say, maybe that storyline is over with (probably not, now there will be ramifications with the two morons deaths).

My initial thought during last week’s preview, when Jack tells the guard to put the gun down or he would get hurt, was “has CTU not figured out to train guards not to challenge Jack Bauer”.   Apparently that was on page six of the guard manual.  The dude just lets Jack pass by and another guard zaps him from behind.

I also loved the way Jack gets cocky about being able to lead the team.  CTU has no other agent working there that is not a 16 year old newbie?

It was obvious that the bad guys were going to turn on Farrad at any moment.  In fact, how could any badass terrorist organization take that guy seriously?  He sounds like such a whiny bitch.  I wonder who the real evil mastermind will turn out to be?  And will we see Tony at some point?  Or is he dead, or in jail.  I cannot remember.

Maybe it will turn out to be Michelle.  She never actually died, she faked her own death in order to start her own terrorist group.  Yep, you heard it here first folks.

Also, maybe the movie version can have Jack and Renee traveling the world killing terrorists.  They would be such a happy couple…