First Lord’s Fury

I recently finished the sixth book of the Codex Alera series, First Lord’s Fury, by Jim Butcher.  After the last book I wrote about how Tavi was a more interesting character than Eragon.

This book finishes the series up nicely.  The Vord are defeated, Tavi (Octavian) becomes the new First Lord and marries Kitai.  None of the main characters die, and everyone lives happily ever after and the realm learns a bunch of nice lessons.

And no, this is not me saying anything bad about the book.  Butcher does a fantastic job of keeping the reader on the edge of their seat.  Also, seeing Tavi become the most powerful person in Alera is such a great moment, when he brings the walls of Riva down, it made me scream out “hell yeah!”

The only disappointment is that the series seems to be over.  I could see Butcher writing more stories set in this world, maybe a future story about the Alerans attacking the Vord in the Canim homeland.  Or maybe a past novel dealing with how the humans gained the ability to use furies and how they defeated different species.  Maybe a history of the different races, since the Marat were once a large nation, but the Vord almost completely wiped them out, long before the Canim and Iceman.  What about the extinct people?  Will we learn about them?  Why couldn’t the Vord enter the Feverthorn Jungle, where the Children of the Sun lived before extinction?

Sadly though, any story dealing with Tavi would be unexciting.  Why?  Tavi is now the most powerful Aleran, over the next few years he will grow in power because of his practice, what threats could he face that would hold any kind of power over him?

I highly recommend picking up this series, it will not disappoint.