Funny Stuff That You Should Check Out

-Tomorrow is Groundhog Day, so what could be more appropriate than a funny link that figures out how many days Bill Murray spends in the movie.  Personally, I feel the estimate is a bit low.  Anyways, check out the link, read the comments, some pretty good stuff.

Also, think about what life must be like once Phil escapes that repeated day.  All the skills he probably has that people who knew him the day before are like “I didn’t know you spoke French?”  Imagine his family, “when did you learn to play piano?”  Or imagine everyone who thinks he’s an asshole.  How would they explain his sudden personality change…

-In the previous post I discussed the greatness of Mad Men.  The other night Jon Hamm hosted SNL and this is his opening monologue.  Very funny.

Also, for those of you who check out Filmdrunk regularly, Jon Hamm did a great Greasy Sax Man.  Greasy Sax Man is the guy from the beginning of Lost Boys, you remember the dude at the party playing a saxophone?  No, well go watch the movie or just check out Filmdrunk.

-If you enjoy comics then you have probably checked out which has occupied many hours of my time.  Not sure what it is?  Well mostly it is comics where Superman acts like a dick…there is also a section of Batman and Robin being gay.  Hilarious.

-And finally over at WarmingGlow, we get this hilarious video.  I love how so much of the dialogue makes sense…