Girlfriend of the Week

Some of you may have noticed there was no GOTW last week.  In fact, many of you have called in or complained to one of my assistants about this oversight.  Okay, not true at all.  My assistant informs me that no one noticed whatsoever.

Well this week goes to Cinderella, yes the glass slipper chick.  No no no, not the one from the Disney movie, I mean seriously, would you really expect me to use that chick?

I am talking about the coolest version of Cinderella ever (no not Drew Barrymore, that movie sucked).  For those of you with very small brains, I am talking about the Cinderella from Fables, one of the best comics out there.

That Cinderella has become a superspy for the Fable-community, and has earned herself her own book, Cinderella:  From Fabletown With Love.  I suggest you check it out.