Lost: Episode 603

For those of you who were wondering, yes that was Mac from Always Sunny.  Apparently he played Aldo back in season three.  It is that kind of attention to detail that makes me happy.

At The Temple
Sayid is alive.  The Others would like to examine him.  In fact, they hook him up to a electrical equipment and begin shocking him.  The guy then burns him with a hot poker.  Dogen then informs Jack that Sayid is infected and must take a pill to survive.  Jack takes the pill and Dogen uses some more ninja skills to cause Jack to cough it up.  The pill was poison.  Apparently Sayid has a blackness in his heart (he has been claimed), much like Claire.

Sawyer, Jin, Kate
Sawyer takes off and Kate wants to follow him.  Jin goes with her, along with two Others (Aldo is one of them).  Kate and Jin escape those two, but they have different ideas on what they are doing.  Kate wants to find Sawyer and get the hell away from the Temple.  Jin wants to find Sun.

Kate finds Sawyer at the barracks.  He is sad.  In fact, he was going to ask Juliet to marry him, he then tosses the ring into the ocean.  Awe, it was kind of sad.  Especially now that Sawyer admits that it is his fault she died.  She was going to leave on the sub at one point, but he convinced her to stay because he did not want to be alone.

The Others track down Jin and he tries to escape, but steps into a bear trap.  Aldo is about to shoot him when he is killed by an unseen attacker.  This mystery savior turns out to be a very crazy looking Claire.

The flashsideways focuses on Kate and what she does after escaping the airport with Claire.  The taxi driver hops out and Kate must take the wheel.  After a bit she lets Claire out, but keeps her stuff.  She goes to an a body shop (I think) and gets the cuffs removed.

She then drives back for Claire (after seeing the stuff inside the luggage).  She takes Claire to the adopting parents house, where Claire learns they split up and the mother cannot adopt the child.  Claire then goes into labor.

Kate rushes her to the hospital and after getting the runaround from nurses, Kate grabs a doctor.  Who just happens to be our old friend Ethan!  A very funny moment of symmetry.  Ethan says that they can give Claire drugs to postpone the pregnancy, but he would rather not poke her with needles if it is not necessary.  How funny is that?

The cops come and Claire tells them she does not know where the cab driver went.  Kate thanks her.  They then discuss how Aaron is a good name, and Claire does not know why she called the baby that, it just seemed to fit.

Theories and Questions
-The Smoke Monster somehow can get inside the minds of certain people.  Maybe people who have almost died.  Was this the implant that the Others gave to Claire, something to prevent the Smoke Monster?  Did it fail and that is why she went to the cabin (breaking the circle of ash, allowing the monster inside?)

-Aaron and Walt are connected.  Much in the same way as Jacob and Smokey.  Maybe they are just agents of Jacob/Smokey?

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