Lost: Episode 604

So far this must be the most frustrating episode of the season.  Do not get me wrong, it was good, but it was irritating to keep hearing SmokeLocke tell people they would get answers, then never deliver on that promise.  Anyways, for those of you who do not read WarmingGlow, Ufford decided to tweet the spoilers during the show to piss off the crazy Lost fanatics.  Fortunately, I am not one of those people.

The Island
SmokeLocke tells Richard that if he comes with him he will give him answers, but Richard runs away like a little girl.  SmokeLocke then goes to the Dharma houses and finds one with a very drunk Sawyer listening to Iggy Pop.  No idea where the electricity comes from…

Sawyer wants nothing to do with anything, just his whiskey.  But, he knows that this is not the real Locke.  And this is why Sawyer is the man.  He agrees to go with SmokeLocke.  They head to a cave (well they run into a little boy, who SmokeLocke chases), in the cave we see all sorts of names with numbers.  Sayid, Hurley, Sawyer, Jack (maybe), and one of the Kwons.  The numbers correspond to the famous “numbers.”

SmokeLocke explains that they are all candidates to become guardians of the island.  He tells Sawyer that he has three choices:  do nothing, be the guardian, or leave the island.  Sawyer chooses to leave the island with SmokeLocke.

Over at the statue Ilana, Sun, Frank, and Ben head for the temple, but first Sun wants to buy Locke.  How come if it was her idea she wasn’t the one with a shovel?  Ben says some kind words, well basically he apologizes for murdering Locke.

Alternative Reality
This episode focused on what Locke’s life would be like without the island.  He gets fired because he decided to pretend to go to a company conference, and then skipped it for his walkabout.  He insults Hurley for parking too close to him (Locke is too cool for handicap parking).  He refuses to see Jack about a consult, and still his fiance loves him.  Yes, Peg Bundy returns (or Gemma from Sons of Anarchy) as Locke’s love interest.

Best part is when Rose informs him that she has terminal cancer.  Top that dickbag.  You can’t walk?  I’m going to die.  Get over it.  She finds him a nice substitute teaching job, where he meets a European History teacher named Ben Linus.  Whoa.

-What the hell was up with that little kid?  Why could Sawyer see him, but not Richard?  He was probably the third in command under Jacob.

-SmokeLocke and Jacob were equals (hence the balanced scale), and now there needs to be a new Jacob.  Is SmokeLocke lying when he says the island does not need a protector?  The interesting thing to think about is who is really the good guy?  SmokeLocke or Jacob?

-I guess the question is which you prescribe to, destiny or free will.  SmokeLocke says that he was a man once, so I am guessing he was somehow betrayed into becoming his current form.  He wants to escape his situation and follow his own life.  Obviously Sawyer would be attracted to that kind of idea…