Lost: Episode 605

Apparently next week will get all sorts of answers…just like this week, which I feel we received no answers whatsoever.  Aside from stuff at the beginning, I feel like this was the worst episode of the season.

The Island
Jacob tells Hurley to take Jack out of the Temple and out into the jungle.  Hurley writes the instructions on his arm.  The beginning with Hurley talking to Dogen (and getting his answers from Jacob) was the best part of the episode.

They head out to a giant lighthouse.  Jack asks the important question:  “how come we never knew about this before?”  Good point, how big is the island?  When you turn the dials to certain degrees that line up with names and inside the mirrors you can see images.  Jack goes to his name and see his old childhood home.  He gets pissed and breaks the mirrors.

Jacob comes back to Hurley and explains that some people, like Jack, need to sit out and stare at the ocean before they realize what they need to do…apparently this was Jacob’s plan all along.

Claire is crazy.  She believes the Others have taken her son, and why does she believe this?  Her father told her so, and her friend.  Who is her friend?  John Locke, which she tells Jin is not really John, but her friend…

Here is a question, since SmokeLocke is taking the candidates, how do we know that Shepherd does not mean Claire?  I realize that Claire’s last name is Littleton, but she is a Shepherd.  Something to think about.

Jack has a kid in the alternate universe.  Who is much older than you would expect.  What could have happened that would cause Jack to have a child?  Apparently the kid is some kind of gifted pianist.  And maybe a Red Sox fan, screw that kid.

So that was the episode.  Nothing spectacular.

2 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 605

  1. The whole Jack’s kid thing was stupid, made no sense, and looks to be unnecessary towards the story arc as a whole.

    I suppose the only answer we got this week was how Jacob was able to keep track of everybody.

  2. Gideon…do not get me wrong, I do not disagree with you, but if that is the answer we received, then it brings up a whole ton of other questions.

    1. Why did it show Jack’s childhood home? If he (Jacob) monitored Jack all his life, wouldn’t Jack have just seen his own reflection in the mirror? Or was Jacob only able to fix one location? So when Jack moved out, what happened? Does the lighthouse mirror have google maps?

    2. Did Jack see his childhood home in the mirror because he was actually looking in on the alternate universe? At that exact moment, AlternateJack was at his old home, looking for his father’s will with his mother? Makes no sense, unless time is not the same in each universe. Or if Jacob’s magic mirror can see into any where/when, then why show it to us? I never really needed an answer as to how Jacob knew so much about them, especially not something like a mirror. The simple explanation of what Jacob is, would probably answer how he knows so much, i.e. Jacob=God, well then he is obviously omnipotent/omniscient…easy solution.

    Wow, that was slightly long-winded. I apologize. Have you signed up for our fantasy baseball league yet?

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