Lost: Episodes 601 & 602

This is it, the final season.  Here is how pumped I was about the premiere:  I came home from work and went to bed at 6:30 p.m., slept until 2:30 a.m. and woke up to watch it.  You might think that is weird, but there was no way I could stay awake for the episode.

The episode started with Jack being back on the plane.  It seemed like everything worked, in fact everyone was there, everyone was alive, and they were heading to LA.  Only weird thing, Jack’s hair.  It was not super short, in fact it was a little bit longer.  That was the first clue that something was amiss.

They kept cutting to this scene, showing where the characters would be if they never crashed.  Charlie almost dies from choking on a bag of heroin, Desmond is on the flight (I am guessing since the event never happened, he never went to the Island…oh and for anyone who thinks Jack recognized Des from the Island obviously forgets that Jack met Desmond pre-Island), Boone and Locke have a conversation about what to do in the event of a crash (funny that Boone says he will stick with Locke, bad move).  Towards the end, Kate escapes her US Marshall friend and hops in a cab with Claire.

The cool thing was the ending, apparently Oceanic Airlines lost Jack’s dad’s coffin.  He and Locke are waiting at the baggage claim office, they lost Locke’s knives.  They talk for a bit, Locke gives some good advice about how they only lost his father’s body, no one can be sure where his father is (meaning the afterlife).  Jack then asks about his injury.  Locke says it is irreversible, but Jack tells him he is a surgeon and would give him a free consult and that nothing is irreversible.

On The Island
Unfortunately, that little fantasy did not happen (or did it, maybe in another reality) and our group is stuck on the Island, but at least it is the present.  Juliet dies, but not before telling Sawyer (and later Miles) something cryptic “it worked.”  What worked?  Does she know about the separate reality where they are all safe at LAX?

Jacob comes to visit Hugo, he informs that they can save Sayid by taking him to the Temple.  He also mentions that he died about an hour ago.  They head over to the Temple, and once they slip under the wall, guess what the find?  A huge Temple.  With lots of people with guns.  The chick from the flight, the stewardess (Cindy) who gives Jack an extra bottle of liquor is also there, hmmm.

They put Sayid in some pool of water and he starts to thrash, but ultimately he dies.  Hugo informs the Others that Jacob is dead.  They begin fortifying the Temple and they want to speak with Jack, but before they do, Sayid comes back to life.

At The Statue
So the friends of Jacob go into teach Locke a lesson, they start shooting at him and well that is such a bad move.  Locke disappears and the Smoke Monster comes and kills them.  The one guy tries to put down some ash, but the monster knocks the roof apart and a rock moves him out of the circle.

When Locke reappears, Ben realizes that he is the Smoke Monster.  He calls Locke a monster.  SmokeLocke then says how Locke was sad and pathetic.  He says that the irony is that Locke never wanted to go home, but that is all SmokeLocke wants to do.

SmokeLocke goes outside and Richard realizes who he is, SmokeLocke says that his chains are broken, then beats the crap out of Richard and carries him into the jungle.  Before going he says that he is very disappointed in the rest of the group.

-We still do not know who SmokeLocke is.  Where is his home?  Egypt (or Israel…Jacob/Esau).
Apparently, the creators have called the other reality a Flashsideways (which is odd, because I thought I coined the term myself).
-I have a feeling that Sayid is not actually himself.  Instead he is Jacob, born again.  The reason I think this is because when he is dead, Miles has some strange look about him, like he is communicating with Sayid or seeing something other folks cannot.
-What was the blood on Jack’s neck during the flight home?

What did you guys think of the episode?  Any theories?

2 thoughts on “Lost: Episodes 601 & 602

  1. I loved this premiere, and am totally psyched for the season to continue. This is another case where I’m gonna have a hard time waiting week to week. I think I got enough closure on certain questions in this one episode that I think everything will come together satisfyingly in the end.

    I’m going to stop devising theories; instead just not thinking about it at all and letting the info come to me and knock my socks off (hopefully). The smoke monster revelation I hadn’t considered before, and thus my socks were summarily blown. I’d like to repeat that feeling.

  2. I completely agree with you. I had heard the smoke monster theory before…

    I guess on Jimmy Kimmel, the creators stated that Sayid is not Jacob. So I guess I was wrong there.

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