Mad Men: Seasons One and Two

A few weeks ago I finished watching the first two seasons of Mad Men and I am patiently waiting for season three to come out on DVD.  For those of you who do not watch the show, I can only say that you are missing out on something awesome.  I do not mean awesome in the sense of “dude, that was totally awesome”, but instead something that is full of awe and wonder.

The show is set in the early 1960s and focuses on an ad company in NYC.  When I first heard about the show, I thought, “who would want to watch a show about ad executives?”  I was completely wrong.  The show does such a great job of showing us what life was like during that time period for a whole different group of people.

When we think of that era, we constantly are reminded of the hippies and free-love.  That generation dominates what most of us know of that era.  In fact, many of our parents grew up during that time.  What about our grandparents though?  What about the people born in the late 30s/early 40s?  They would have been grown-ups by the time the hippie movement really got underway.  Well this is a show about that generation.

It is fun to watch Don Draper interact with a beatnik and inform him that he should get a job and make something of his life.  Speaking of Draper, the show does a fantastic job of keeping his history a secret, yet revealing specific things at times to keep the audience interested.  Unfortunately too many shows have a tendency to push the issue that there is some big secret, yet Mad Men uses these kind of secrets to create a mood and then addresses the secret.  We know how Draper became who he is, well for the most part.

Speaking of Draper, does anyone else watch the show and then want to rush out and become a business man?  I do, especially if my consisted of sitting around, drinking, smoking, having sex, being brilliant, and then ruining Pete Campbell’s day somehow.

Anyways, how many of you watch the show out there?  I can think of a few of you who do.  What do you think?  For season four I plan to write each week about the show, so get used to it.  Also, the show has a ton of hot chicks, which will mean more pictures of hot chicks, woo hoo.