24: 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

The cool thing so far seems to be the lack of insane twist, like agents from Venezuela show up with another nuclear bomb.  Nothing worse than the first terrorist plot being a ploy for a second, bigger plot.  That has been the problem the last few seasons.  That and characters doing completely idiotic things…

-Why do people never respond like sane people on this show?  Remember during last season when Jack was in the hospital with a suspect, and the dude comes in, gives him some kind of paralyzing poison, then frames Jack for the suspects murder?  What does Jack do?  Stick around and explain to the FBI what happened, demand they test his blood for some kind of drug?  No, he runs away.

What is the point?  Why would Tarin and Kayla just run off to some hotel?  It makes them look incredibly guilty.  I suppose the prospect of being tortured might cause someone to flee…and is Tarin the Arab version of Jack Bauer?  And what better way to hole up in a hotel then with some hot chick having premarital sex.

-We all know that Owen is going to die at some point.  It is just a matter of time.  When he does finally take a bullet, probably saving Jack’s life, and Cole returns a few moments later, how pissed will Jack be at Cole?  Anyone else excited to see Kiefer beat up Freddie?

-Speaking of Cole and Dana.  They will get fired when the return to CTU, right?  Everyone else in this show gets crucified for making mistakes.  Secretary of state disagrees with nuking a country, he must resign.  Some key employees of CTU disappear during a terrorist attack?  Slap on the wrist.

-I never picture NYC as a swampy place…Gideon, can we go to that swamp and poke dead bodies with a stick.  Also, I thought the East River was where you go to dump bodies?

-When the episode ended with the kid in the pressure chamber, my first thought was:  WHAT?  The old Jack would just threaten to have his mom brought in and tortured in front of his eyes.  You don’t think Jack would do something like that?

Remember when he threatened some foreign guy by having him watch a video of soldiers shooting his family (granted it was all a setup, but still).  Remember when he quit CTU for like one hour so he could go break the fingers of some Amnesty lawyer?  Or was that the US Marshall?  Remember the dude in the limo from I think season one, where he twists the towel down his throat?

Fortunately the preview came on for next week and we see that Jack already thought about connecting the lil’ Terrorist Boy with his mommy.  I will be disappointed if at some point Jack does not pull his gun on the woman and scream “YOU HAVE ‘TIL THE COUNT OF THREE TO OPEN UP OR I SWEAR I WILL BLOW YOUR MOTHERS HEAD OFF!”

Also, one last thing, I thought hospitals and most major buildings used really strong windows.  Ones that people just can’t jog through.  Just once, I want to see someone run at window and bounce off.  Would be hilarious.

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