24: 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.

I have decided to write about tonight’s episode of 24 live while I watch it.  Probably will be a pretty stupid idea, but now that I have a laptop, it seems like such a great idea.  Speaking of the new laptop, it crapped the bed on Sunday.  I went to Best Buy today and traded it in for a nicer one.  It was the one I looked at for a long time the other day, yet I decided it was too expensive.  Anyways, since this one is much faster and more powerful than the other, I have decided to sell my desktop to my brother (I cut him a VERY good deal)…anyways, the show starts in about twenty minutes, join me for the stupidity…

Why the hell wouldn’t Hastings have sent someone to get Bomb Kid’s mother as soon as they knew his identity?  Only Jack would think of something like this?  No wonder CTU sucks at keeping terrorists away.

Well at least Hastings gave Freddie Prinze and Dana a nice lecture.  I would have fired them.  And now Chloe is in charge, which is great.  She is obviously the smartest person CTU has ever hired. 

Awe Chloe is such a great team leader.  Those words of encouragement were great.  Unfortunately Dana is acting like a megabitch.

Arlo better turn out to be the criminal mastermind behind everything.  He is funny, slightly pervish, and much more fun than any of the normal villains.

Jack begging a kid not to blow himself up, and wanting to talk about the situation instead of just shooting or torturing.  Jack is truly a changed man.  Do not worry though, he will threaten the kids mom sooner or later…

Oh Kayla, lean up please.  I just want to see her breasts.

Cole definitely played it cool with Marcos’ mom.  Instead of going the anger route and arresting her, he realized she was genuinely shocked that her son could be a terrorist.  It will make it even cooler if Jack puts a bullet in her leg.

It looks like Mr. James is okay after exploding all over Jason Stackhouse (notice that I mixed two different shows there?  Yeah, I am awesome.) 

It appears that Dana is still mildly retarded after this whole ordeal.  I really do not think this guy is actually the probation officer.  I bet he is Kevin’s father or other partner in crime.  Or gay lover.  One of those options.

Death to America!!!  Except, well my mom.  Please spare her.  I think Marcos might be the dumbest kid ever.  Oh wait, never mind.  He will stick to his principles.  And now Jack will start the threatening.  Oh god, I am getting excited.  I think that makes me a sick individual…

“Go ahead and blow yourself to tiny bits.  I am going to make your mother come in there and clean it up.”

I have missed this Jack Bauer so much.  I think I am about to orgasm right now.

And then he threw the kid into the chamber and watched him explode.  And it turns out I was completely wrong about Tarren.  Oops, I guess maybe President Hassan was right about being  paranoid.

Did Tarren just take a one minute shower?  His hair is not even wet.  I thought I took quick showers.  I was really hoping Kayla would turn out to be in on the plot.  She would have made the hottest 24 villain of all time.

I guess we will see a Jack versus Tarren hand-to-hand battle at some point.  Although if Owen gives him a beat down, he will totally redeem himself.