24: 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.

This was hyped as episode with a “twist you will not believe.”  The twist ends up being that CTU gets attacked by terrorists.  This time with an EMP bomb.  Seriously, I feel like most of this season was taken from the Ocean’s XX script.

Basically the twist was Tarren pretends to help Kayla escape, unfortunately it was a set up.  He pretends to die and she escapes to CTU, carrying the bomb.  Jack and Cole are now on their own without any kind of techno-help.

I was happy to see Jack realize quickly that Tarren was pretending to be a cop.  You know why he realized it?  That is the exact same thing he would do in that situation.  They are doing a great job of setting up the Jack vs. Tarren battle, they better not let us down.

Also, I do believe at some point we will see a Jack vs. Cole fight.  Probably because Jack will be ordered to do something and he will go against it and Cole will try to stop him…we have seen it before.

At least House was pretty funny…