24: 4:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.

Talk about symmetry.  At least that is what I am hoping the writers were trying to achieve by making Dana the mole.  Season one it turned out to be Nina, the chick Jack had a thing with.  This year they introduce us to Cole, maybe someone they could continue doing the show with if Kiefer leaves or retires.  He has a girlfriend, who has a similar position as Nina…see where the symmetry comes in?  Or it was just absolutely lazy writing.  You decide.

Although Dana strangling Stephen Root was pretty cool.  Sadly, last two shows he has been on, he dies very painful deaths.

Chloe was badass during her takeover of the servers.  I really thought she would die though.  I am always waiting for her to bite the bullet.  I figured her plan would work, everything would get back online, then there would be a fire and she would die trying to put it out.

Why the hell would anyone ever not listen to Jack Bauer?  Stay behind this shield wall.  Yes sir.  I am doing exactly whatever you say.  I feel bad for Owen, I liked him.  He did last a few episodes longer than I thought he would.

It is also about time that the terrorists recognize Jack.  I mean seriously, he has to be a celebrity in the counter-terrorism community by now.

Renee came to the rescue, which reminded me of season four (maybe?) when Tony came to the rescue in a similar fashion.  Also, Jack has a collapsed lung, but he will probably be fine.  In fact, he will go out and kick ass like normal.