24: 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Way to go 24, nothing like bringing back the CTU mole and the government dissension plot in the same season.  A general decides to send in an elite team to capture Hassan and turn him over to the terrorists.  Obviously the president foresaw this and sends Jack Bauer to escort Hassan.

The worst part about the episode though, why did the service tunnel underneath the UN look like some hoarders garage.  There were pallets of wood chips (it looked like wood chip bags to me, since my mom always gets a pallet of wood chips) and random barrels everywhere.  Why the hell would this stuff be underneath the UN and why would it be so cluttered?

It was awesome watching Jack take down an elite team all by himself.  I guess that one chick helped and President Hassan did take out someone, but really Jack did all the work himself.  I bet he regrets not throwing some grenades into his purse.

Jack now has one of the soldiers under his custody, maybe there will be a civil war because of this general’s actions.  I really hope Jack tortures the shit out of Dana for making us sit through that entire Kevin story.