Fantasy Baseball Draft

Tonight was our fantasy baseball draft, and I think it went well for me.  Yes, I am going to subject you to a round by round analysis, I am sure this is exactly what you were hoping for.

My original strategy was to try and draft one of the major first basemen (Pujols/Howard/Fielder/Teixeira).  I was going to take Fielder with the fourth pick, but then I realized I could not pass up Ryan Braun.  The odd pick in the first round was definitely Ryan taking Joe Mauer with the sixth pick.  I can see why he would take him that early, even though he railed against him being the MVP last year…

Since Offord was not there for the first few rounds, he ended up with two third basemen in the first two rounds.  Nothing wrong with that, but I am hoping he will want to trade one of them for something…

By the third round, Votto was definitely the best option for first base, plus his high OBP makes him a little more valuable than he normally would be in other leagues.  It was a toss up between him and Reynolds, but I decided on Votto.

Since we decided to use Ks and not K/9, I could not pass up Lincecum.  If we had went with K/9, I was going to draft starters in the later rounds and load up on middle relievers.  I would have punted wins, but my other stats would have benefited.

I wanted Zobrist or Zimmerman, but they were gone by then.  I decided to take Jeter, and then I highlighted Aaron Hill to take him next.  Gideon snagged him and then took Morales as well.  I then decided to take Haren, might as well load up on starting pitchers.  The next round saw Jason take Adam Lind leaving me with Jason Bay.  I realize he may not match the production he put up in Boston now that he is with the Mets, but he will still be productive.

As you know, I have a love affair with Adam Dunn.  I had to have him.  Sorry, 40 HRs and a .400 OBP, how could I pass up on that?  I then decided to take Broxton, mainly because I usually do not take closers and that has not worked out well as of late.  I wanted Matt Wieters, but definitely not in the 9th round.  I would have taken him maybe in ten or eleven.

I am banking on Offord trading Wright for something that I have, so I decided to draft Gordon Beckham, who I think could have a really good year.  Stewart was just a second base pickup.   Bell and Broxton, yes I have solid relievers.

I decided to take Doumit as my catcher.  I probably drafted him a bit early, but whatever.  Happ was my next pick, I actually was shocked that no one took him.  I realize he is not a dominant pitcher, but he will probably win games.  Quentin, well I guess I am hoping he has a season like he did a few years ago.  Ryan had a nice pick of Beltran.  Amazing how far he has fallen, remember how he used to be a first rounder?

The last few rounds were uneventful, I took Garrett Jones with my next to last pick.  He may end up as a bust, or he may hit 30 homers, either way, nothing lost.

I need to move some players around, pick up a few middle relievers, get rid of a few of the hitters I took because I was not paying attention to which round we were in.  I think my team is very solid, but as always, it really depends on what happens.  I will be writing about the results each week, usually on Monday.  Good luck to everyone…

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Draft

  1. I never read this post until now, but nice assumption that’d I’d be looking to trade Wright. Too bad about Dunn though :(. Looking at the results, I am shocked I got Reyes so low. I think if he is healthy, which I believe he will be, he will far surpass Jeter this season. Just 2 seasons ago he was a top 5 pick… Now if only I could get some pitching and a second baseman…

  2. haha, you really just saw that? that is kind of funny because when you started offering trades, i just assumed you read this.

    He went in the fourth round of our draft last night (the one Ryan sent out on the pancake). Actually just ahead of Jeter.

    I hope he stays healthy for the entire season, I just hope he does not turn into the nomar of that group of SS…

    I mean injury prone, not a sportscaster on baseball tonight.

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