Girlfriend of the Week

This week’s GOTW is Death of the Endless.

Let me guess, you never heard of her?  Well allow me to educate you folks.  She is the brother of Dream and she is exactly what her name says, she is death.

Fortunately she is not the scary Grim Reaper kind of death figure everyone is used to.  Instead she is a pretty sweet girl.  For example, she visit’s a friend of Dream and says that if he wants to, he can die whenever he wants (way too long to explain).

He asks what happens when you die, she asks what he thinks happens.  He then says he believes that it is like some poet (I cannot remember which poet).  She then says that is exactly what happens.

Interesting, the afterlife is whatever you envision.  People who go to hell, that is what the truly believe should happen to them.

Also, she is pretty damn cute.  I would not mind having her come pay me a visit when my time is up.