Girlfriend of the Week

Allow me to tell you a funny story.  Way back in 2007 I wrote a review for the first episode of show Life and posted a picture of Sarah Shahi.  Apparently after that if you searched for her on Google, my page would pop up as one of the first results.  How do I know this?  A friend sent me a message on facebook informing me to check it out.

When I started using Google Analytic’s, Sarah Shahi was always the number one search topic that brought people to my site.  Again, very cool for me, right?  And then after awhile, it seemed to drop off.  So the other day I did a quick search of sexy Sarah to see where I stood.  Unfortunately, my site did not come up until page 27.  I guess people noticed her since then…

So in order to celebrate her hotness and to basically find an excuse to post a bunch of pictures Miss Shahi.  Also, maybe I can jump back up to page one.  Very self-serving.

Wow, she is so freakin’ hot.  She is becoming my GFL (girlfriend for life)…

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