Lost: Episode 606

This episode was much better than last weeks.  Unfortunately, questions did not really get answered.  I feel like the show will end without any answers at all.

The Island
Sayid and Dogen have a pretty awesome battle, which ends with Dogen almost killing Sayid.  He lets him go and tells Sayid to leave.  He does explain that every man has a scale, which balances the good and evil, Sayid’s scale has tipped to the evil side.

When SmokeLocke sends Claire in, Dogen sends Sayid out to talk to him.  He gives him a knife to kill SmokeLocke, unfortunately the knife does not work.  SmokeLocke does not kill Sayid, instead he gives him a message to take to the Temple folks.  He then promises Sayid something that he wants more than anything (bring back dead Nadia).

Sayid delivers the message that if the Temple folks want to leave, that is fine, but if not, SmokeLocke will be there by sundown to kill everyone.  Sayid goes to the pool and talks with Dogen.  Dogen explains why he is at the island, Jacob promised to save his son, but the condition was that Dogen could never see him again and must come to the island.

Dogen realizes that Sayid made a deal with SmokeLocke, and then out of nowhere, Sayid tackles Dogen into the pool and drowns him.  The second in command (apparently his name is Lennon?) comes running in and says something like “what have you done, he was the only thing keeping him out!”  Sayid then slits his throat.

The Smoke Monster comes in and kills everyone.  Kate runs to help Claire, but Claire is content in her hole waiting for SmokeLocke.  Ilana, Ben, and Frank show up and they take Miles with them, I think through the same secret passage Hurley and Jack used.

By the end of everything, Kate was with Claire and SmokeLocke.

These flashsideways are getting odd.  I understand the point is to show how their lives would be different (yet the same), but they make my brain hurt.

You see, in this reality, Sayid’s brother married Nadia.  Sayid does not think he deserves her for all the bad things he did.  But again, how does the lack of an island mean this would happen?

Anyways, Sayid’s brother owes money to a loan shark, who turns out to be Keamey (remember him?).  Sayid kills everyone and then opens a walk-in freezer and finds Jin inside tied up.  I bet we get an episode where the flashsideways shows how Jin ends up in the freezer…

-Where is Sawyer?   Is he on some other mission for SmokeLocke?
-What is the point of the gray ash, if the actual reason the Smoke Monster cannot enter was Dogen?
-The idea of the scale is definitely Egyptian.  So what is the islands connection to Egypt?