Lost: Episode 608

This was a pretty good episode.  Mainly because it focused on Sawyer, which is always a fun and entertaining time.  Oddly enough though, SmokeLocke delivered some of the funniest lines of the episode.

The Island
SmokeLocke sends Sawyer to the other island to do a little recon on what is going on over there.   Before this though, Sawyer confronts SmokeLocke about the smoke thing.  SmokeLocke says that he is the smoke thing and then explains that it was either kill or be killed…and he doesn’t want to be killed.  Just the way he said it made me crack up.

Over on the other island Sawyer is captured by Widmore’s group.  They take him to Charles and they have a little palaver (to steal a line from Roland).  Sawyer does what he does best.  He cons everyone.  He tells Widmore that he will deliver SmokeLocke so they can kill him, as long as no one else is harmed and they are given safe passage home.  Widmore agrees.

Sawyer then returns to SmokeLocke and informs him of exactly what he told Widmore.  SmokeLocke thanks him for his loyalty.  Sawyer then talks to Kate about his plan to get off the island by waiting until they are killing each other and then stealing the submarine.  Classic Sawyer.  I bet Jack screws it up somehow.

We see Sawyer with some hot chick and he is about to pull the con we have seen him do before.  She double-crosses him and he says that he is working with the cops.  She does not believe him and he says LaFleur and the cops burst in, led by Miles.  He throws Sawyer a badge and tells him to put his shirt back on.

Turns out that James is a LA detective.  Miles sets him up on a date with a girl that works with his father.  Turns out the girl is Charlotte.  They have sex and afterward she is going through James’ drawer looking for a shirt.  She finds a folder labeled Sawyer and inside is a newspaper clipping about his parents death.

He throws her out.  Later Miles learns that James went to Australia and not Palm Springs.  James explains about his parents and how he is tracking down Anthony Cooper in order to kill him.  Before they can continue the discussion, a car slams into them and someone jumps out.

James chases after the suspect and it turns out to be Kate.

-The story SmokeLocke told Kate about his Mother being crazy and how he went through growing pains.  I kept thinking that maybe SmokeLocke was Esau (from the Bible), but he never says anything about losing a birthright.  There are way too many insane theories out there and most of them are really stupid.

My favorite idiotic theory:  SmokeLocke is actually Aaron.  Since he had to be raised by Claire’s goodness and ended up being raised by Kate, he somehow became the smoke-monster and went back in time to become the enemy of Jacob…worst theory ever.

-Who is locked in the submarine?  My initial thought was Walt.  But then after reading some theories online, I am starting to believe it might be Desmond.  The island is not done with him yet…

That is about it.  At least next week we finally get Richard’s story.  I am excited.  As long as the Joker does not try to kill him…