Lost: Episode 610

After last week’s episode, I was hoping that we would get more episodes giving us answers and a straight-forward story.  Also, I was hoping there would be no more alternative time-line crap.  Unfortunately I remembered the whole Jin being trapped in the cooler where Sayid found him.

Jack’s Camp
SmokeLocke leaves his camp to go visit Sun.  He offers her the chance to join her and be reunited with Jin.  She runs away from him and hits her head.  Ben finds her and she somehow loses the ability to speak English.  Seems like a case for House.

Richard returns to the group and say they need to leave.  They must destroy the plane so that SmokeLocke cannot leave the island.  Sun does not like what she hears and storms off.  Later Jack joins her and says some encouraging words and gives her a piece of paper to write on.  He says that he promises to reunite her with Jin and get them off the island…

SmokeLocke’s Camp
There is some kind of saying about when the master is away, the mice will play (I might be mixing sayings here).  My point is, Widmore’s group attacks when SmokeLocke leaves.  They use stun darts and take Jin to the other island.

They have the old DHARMA maps of electromagnetic pockets, it seems they were marked by Jin during his days as a DHARMA grunt.  He will not help them until he speaks with Widmore.  Charles gives him a camera of Sun’s, which has pictures of their child.

Widmore wants Jin’s help in stopping SmokeLocke from leaving the island.  He says for them to bring in the package, which Jin asks what it is, and Widmore replies that the package is not a what, but a who.

SmokeLocke is upset that they took Jin, so he and Sayid take the boat over to the other island.  Sawyer asks where they are going, and when SmokeLocke tells him, Sawyer asks why he doesn’t just float across the water.  SmokeLocke says that if he could do that, he would have left the island a long time ago.  Sawyer makes one of the funniest comments of “yeah because that would be ridiculous.”  Cracked me up.

SmokeLocke walks up to the pylons and a group of guys with guns come to meet him.  He says that he wants Jin back and Widmore says that he does not have him.  SmokeLocke then says that “a wise man once said that war was coming to the island.  I think it just got here.”

Later, as they are bringing the person out of the submarine to see Jin, we see Sayid in the water.  He gets a good look at the guy, and it turns out to be Desmond.  At the camp, Sawyer asks where Jin and Sayid are.  SmokeLocke asks if he remembers the room they were guarding on the sub, well he does not like secrets.

I will keep this short.  Basically, Jin and Sun are not married, yet they are having an affair.  Jin is set free from customs, but without the money.  Martin Keemy comes to the hotel room and does not like that they do not have the money.

Sun says that she has money and will pay him.  Mikhail (remember old eye-patch?) speaks Korean and takes her to the bank.  Keemy takes Jin to the restaurant.  He ties him to the chair and then explains to him that he was delivering him the money because Sun’s dad found out about the affair and paid Keemy to kill Jin.  Obviously Jin cannot understand a word of it.

Turns out Sun’s father closed her secret account (probably used that money to pay Keemy).  When Mikhail and Sun return to the restaurant, everyone is dead.  Jin then fights with Mikhail and kills him.  During the struggle, Sun gets shot in the stomach.  Jin picks her up and she says that she is pregnant.

-Ugh, I hate these alternative time-line stories.  They make no sense.  How could the island sinking cause them not to get married?  How did Jin rise up to his position if he was not married to Sun?  So stupid.

-Miles also had a funny line about Hurley only being able to track Richard if he was wrapped in bacon.  Also, his mocking Sun’s lack of English and Lapidus saying “says the guy who communes with dead people.”  This was at least a very funny episode.

-Did anyone else notice that Jack never used any kind of language that would indicate he was going to leave the island with them?  He promised to get them on the plane and to see that they were off the island.  Not we, not us, nothing like that.  Seems interesting to me.  I bet that time staring out at the beach has helped show him the way.  He is looking more and more like Jacob’s replacement.

-I would definitely have enjoyed more of Sun slowing stripping.

-I am happy that Desmond is back, but how the hell is he the package to stop SmokeLocke?  I really thought it would be Walt, guess I was wrong.  At least we get to hear him say Brotha one last time.