MonsterQuest Fail

I usually do not watch Monster Quest on the History Channel.  Mainly because it is really dumb, and they never come close to finding anything.  Most likely because none of these things exist.  Last night I ended up watching one of the episodes.

The episode focused on werewolves, and they were trying to find a bipedal wolf-like creature up in Michigan.  They call the thing the Michigan Dogman.  Most of the stories and evidence was really lame.  People seeing a regular wolf or a bear…

Then before a commercial break they say that coming up next there is exclusive footage of the legendary beast.  That piqued my interest.  Apparently the film was discovered in a box of junk that was purchased at an estate sale.  It was filmed on 8MM and was given to a Michigan DJ (one who wrote a song back in the 80s about the Dogman).

They call it the Gable Film and I decided to Google it.  I found a paranormal message board where people were discussing it.  Apparently people think it was a silver-back gorilla because of the way it moves.  The one thing most people and even the animal experts on History Channel, a human could not move like that, it is too fluid.

As the show comes to an end, the DJ admits that the film was a hoax!  They meet the guy who made it.  He said that he used an old camera and that all the stuff in the film is junk he has at his house.  He dressed up in this suit and just ran across the ground.  When you see him recreate it, he moves almost exactly like the film.

How funny is that?  Every time there is some video footage of Bigfoot or some stupid monster like this, they immediately bring in these behavioral biometrics experts to prove that a human cannot move that way.  They always talk about the gait, which seems to me that there has not been enough study done or these people have no clue what they are talking about.

I realize that people want to believe in weird monsters, but they are not real.  People just need to accept that fact.

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