Monday I decided to return to the place I love:  Mugshots.  Let me explain how great a time it was.  I get down there around seven, and Steve and I head to Wendy’s for something to eat.  For those of you who know the area, remember to always hit up the Robinson stores instead of the Greentree locations.  Why?  The moron working behind the counter was way too busy (there were four people in the store) and he was ready to freak out.

After eating, we head to Mugshots.  Monday night is trivia night now.  Our team arrives, it is me, Steve, Steve’s sister Leah, and this other girl Denise.  We decided to our team would be “Seamonkeys Be Fuckin’ in Your Drinking Water.”  We ended up destroying at trivia.  We beat every team by a few hundred points.

Our prize was the cool shirts, which Leah helped decorate for us.  We then proceeded to drink heavily for the rest of the night.  I do not remember a whole lot after that.

We hung out on Tuesday and then headed to Applebees for something to eat.  Let me say, we had the greatest time at Applebees possible.  We eavesdropped on not one, but two very entertaining conversations.  The first one was a mother/daughter combo.  The girl was fighting with her mom about her loser boyfriend.  She then called the boyfriend and told him to just go find a prissy perfect girl.

At one point the mother gives a nice long lecture and the girl looks up from her cell phone and says “oh, I did not listen to anything you just said.”  I think the mother should have just smacked her.

The other conversation was a first date between a pretty cute girl and some dickbag.  After they finished eating, he goes to the bathroom (she looks absolutely bored), and then maybe five minutes after returning he says this “excuse me again, I warned you that I have a weak stomach.”  He then heads to the bathroom.

In what universe does someone discuss their bowel movements during a first date.  I usually save that for a third date, at the least.  When he came back they both talked about it for a few moments (although, she seemed to be just trying to make conversation, he was ready to get very detailed).

After that, we headed to the Fireside and shot pool.  We ended up evening out 5-5.  Later Nicole came to the bar and we continued to drink for a bit.  Then we headed to King’s for breakfast, where Steve puked on himself.  Okay, it was not really puke, it was more that he started choking on his steak, which caused him to start hacking up weird fluid..

Also while waiting for my food, I took a bite out of some passed out girls burger, which caused a bunch of other people to crack up.

Anyways, it was a great time and I cannot wait for April 5th.  Yes, that is the Pirates Home Opener, and we plan on doing it right.

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