Tiger Woods

I did not plan on even addressing the whole Tiger Woods thing, mainly because I do not care if he cheats on his wife.  I mean, who would I be to judge someone for cheating?  Unfortunately, while reading the text messages between he and Joslyn James, the porn star, I noticed some pretty funny stuff.

People seem to think it is horrible that he says these dirty things to this girl.  She is a porn star.  She has probably had multiple cock inside her at once.  She gets paid to do crazy, weird shit like this every day.  I would be more shocked if Tiger was texting his wife like this.  “Hey hun, I want to come home and choke you then stick my dick in your ass.”  That would probably be a little weird.

Oddly enough though, it was the turkey comment that cracks me up.

Apparently Tiger hates turkey unless it is in a club sandwich.  Wonder what he would do to someone if they brought him a stuffed turkey dinner?  I bet it involves choking and anal sex…