Time Warp

I have been thinking about the changes in the world a good bit lately.  I was wondering what the world would be like if the internet had always been around.  Think about it for a second.  Remember when Michael Jackson died?  Remember how there were twitter rumors that Jeff Goldblum had also died that day?

Watch this video of Walter Cronkite talking about JFK being assassinated.  Can you imagine if something like that happened today?

Picture it for a second.  You check facebook or twitter, OMG KENNEDY SHOT!!!  🙁
Then the people would start making up things.  KENNEDY SHOT BY ALIENS!!!
People would start doctoring pictures where it would show JFK being shot by a dog wearing sunglasses.  The conspiracy theorists would start immediately saying how they thought the assassination was an inside job by the government.  Some crappy film would be put out.

And the way the media handles situations, are there any great news anchors out there for a moment like this?  Maybe Anderson Cooper…hell, think about 9/11.  Remember how news networks were just reporting whatever rumors they could to beat the competition without trying to verify anything?  It would be just like that, only worse.  Now they would be receiving their news from someone on the scene via their Blackberry.

Any point to this?  Not at all.  Just something I noticed.