Training Day

Last night I was watching Training Day and started thinking about a few things.  When I first saw the movie, I did not really like it, but after a few times, it started to grow on me.  It was one of those movies that every time it was on, I could not help but watch it.

I think my main reason for not liking it at first, was that it seemed like The Shield.  I saw the movie after seeing the first few episodes of The Shield.  It reminded me too much of Vic Mackey.  Fortunately, after viewing each multiple times, you can the difference in the characters of Vic and Alonzo.

I bet you are wondering where I am going with this?  Well as I was watching the movie, I started to think about the new movie (which I could not remember the name of) by Fuqua.  You know, the one with Ethan Hawke as a cop…and I started to wonder if the movie was a sequel.  Turns out that no, it is not a sequel.  In fact, it is called Brooklyn’s Finest.  I guess that should have been a clue.

Usually, sequels do not work for most movies, but I think if done right, you could make one for Training Day.  Wait, what?  The movie ends with Alonzo dead.  Very true astute reader.  Think about how it ends though:  Hoyt walking into his house, with a voice-over saying that Alonzo was shot and killed while serving a warrant near LAX.

Someone lied at the end of the movie.  Someone covered up what actually happened.  Could it have been the Three Wisemen?  Did Hoyt keep the money?  Did he turn it over to the Three Wisemen?  Did he somehow take over Alonzo’s unit and maybe fall into the same trap as Alonzo?  I believe that Alonzo started out as a good cop, I think that he was telling Hoyt the truth about being just like him when he was young.

Imagine a movie set ten years after the original, Ethan Hawke being all bad ass and maybe even crooked.  Who cares which way you take the story, just seems like the story needs to be continued.  Unless in Brooklyn’s Finest, Hawke’s character is Hoyt, but he has moved to NYC because the heat was on him in LA…

Also, a sequel could include more of Charlotte Ayanna.  She played Hoyt’s wife and as you can see, she is super hot.

I figured it would help ease the pain of having to suffer through this post to put up a picture of a hot girl.  Did it work?

3 thoughts on “Training Day

  1. Supposedly there is a straight-to-dvd sequel coming out where Hoyt will be played by a different actor. He will be a veteran training a rookie and someone is after him looking for revenge. My guess is it would be one of the crooked cops that worked with Alonzo and was presumably exposed by Hoyt following the events of the first movie. Hopefully there is truth to the rumor of the movie and hopefully it will be done right. Training Day did leave some loose ends such as the ending voice over you point out, so a sequel could be tastefully done.

  2. I have thought about this often in the past few months, but I was thinking that a prequel would be more compelling. And if you chose to recount the events in Vegas leading up to the original movie, or go back even further to see Alonzo turn from good cop to bad(or possibly seasoned criminal to criminal cop) you’d have a great story.

  3. I definitely believe the prequel movie would be a great flick…I agree with the story showing his transition from sheep to wolf, some of the Vegas stuff and maybe even his family life since Eva Mendes’ character is clearly not his wife…I say we need it!

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