24: 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

-The beginning of the show dealt with umm, something.  The President could not decide on whether or not to listen to Jack (she at first decides to be honest and back out of the peace treaty) and then she listens to Logan and decides to go through with the lies.  In fact, she takes it further, they will now move Dana to a place and torture her.

-Did the guy selling Jack those cell phones not think it was weird that he bought like three phones and did not care about the chargers?  To me, that would raise some kind of red-flag, but what the hell do I know?

-It was cool that Jack went to an old friend, especially one that we have never seen before.  I guess Jack saved his life or something and now Michael Madsen owes him a favor.  In theory though, everyone in the country owes Jack a favor.

-How come no one ever screws up and accidentally stays on the wrong line.  “Okay Cole, Jack is on his way to your location.”  “Chloe, this is still Jack, wrong line.”  Probably why I do not work at CTU.

-Jack knew it would be a trap, obviously.  Does Chloe honestly think she could outsmart Jack Bauer?  I will agree with Scotus at DC Universe:

— Man, I hate seeing Jack and Chloe fight. It’s like seeing your parents fight. In particular, hearing Chloe ask Jack if he was threatening her, kind of broke my heart.

-So now we have Cole and Jack on the same side.  So much for my dream of them duking it out.  Pretty sure it would only last three seconds.  I am guessing they make an unstoppable team.