24: 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

I really thought this was the season finale.  I mean, this would have been a somewhat decent ending.  Oh, I should probably let you know what happened.  Actually, you can probably figure out what happened.  The terrorists do not set off the bomb, instead Hassan agrees to give himself to them in exchange for the bomb.

-Dana almost kills Arlo because he walks in on her doing something shady, but then he just leaves and allows her to continue being a mole.  Way to go Arlo.  At least he realized at the end that maybe he should pay more attention to people than just their boobs.

-Here is what does not make sense to me:  if Hassan dies, the peace process dies with him.  However, if he lives, the terrorists will set off the bomb, which will cause President Taylor to strike Hassan’s country, which to me seems like the worst way to achieve peace.  Anyone else see the stupidity in the whole thing?

-Check out what Scotus writes about the weird time difference at the end.  It made no sense that Hassan appeared to be dead for more than like two minutes.  I will say that this was very unexpected, not the time conundrum, but instead the fact that Jack failed to stop the terrorists.

-Is Dana going to let anyone know that she stuffed Milton into a wall panel?  That is going to start to smell.  Also, speaking of Dana.  I hope when Jack comes back to CTU, he puts a bullet right in her head.  And then says something cheesy like “your deal has been revoked.”  Or something.

-I just cannot imagine where this story could possibly go, especially how it could involve Jack.  The Russians are going to pull out of the peace talks, Bad Guy President Logan will try to help, what will Jack do?  Is Hassan’s wife going to try to unite her country and become the leader?  Will Jack have to escort her back to the United Nations?  Seriously, does anyone have any idea how this could possibly be good?

-Anyways, as the season winds down, I am working on a post about the entire series.  It will be pretty sweet, I promise.