24: 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

This episode was very boring.  Well aside from Jack informing everyone that he was taking Renee home (I am pretty sure he gave Cole a little nudge nudge).  Once they get home, they have sex.  Is this the first time Jack has ever had sex on the show?  And didn’t Renee have sex with Vladimir a few hours ago?

My theory about Hassan’s wife is pretty much coming true.  She is taking over for her husband and going to go ahead with the peace treaty.  The Russians have pulled out though and sent someone to kill Jack and Renee.  It was actually pretty shocking to see Renee die.

The plot will steam roll out of control now.  Bad Guy President Logan is up to something.  Now Jack wants to go after whoever killed Renee.

Honestly though, how can this show end that will be satisfying?  Does Jack have to die doing something heroic?  Maybe fly into space and stop aliens?  I am serious, there is nothing he can do that will be good enough for fans of the series.  Instead of dying he could be given the title of Supreme Commander-In-Chief.  His power goes above the president when it comes to terrorism.  He would cause world peace in about two hours.