24: 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

I was so excited at the onset of this episode.  I figured Jack would be all badass and ready to go out and kill every single Russian involved.  Well Jack may not have killed anyone, but at least we got the scary Jack back.

When he smashes Dana’s head off the table (I was reminded of the Joker telling Batman “never start with the head!”) I got excited for some hardcore torture.  Unfortunately it ended rather abruptly and then the President decided to wuss out and go for peace built upon lies.

Needless to say, Jack is not happy.  He steals a helicopter and decides to go rogue.  If Cole is planning on being the next Jack Bauer in a spin-off series, he better man up and start helping Jack.  I am guessing that Jack will try to break Dana out of CTU or kidnap Charles Logan.  Or he will go straight for the Russian delegate.

Speaking of sneaky Russians.  Did anyone else notice that the delegates name is Mikhail Novakovich?  Remember the old aide to Charles Logan and David Palmer, Mike Novick?  I wonder if the writers did that intentionally.  I also wonder if Charles Logan is really behind the whole thing?