Blue/White 2010

This was the first Penn State tailgate I was able to attend since 2002.  It was actually September 14th of 2002 against #7 Nebraska.  Anyways, I went over with my brother and we had a pretty good time.  Although, it definitely got me thinking about something kind of funny.

If you remember life back in 2002, cellphones were just becoming more and more common.  This was the first year that I had one and it seemed like a good majority of people at PSU had one as well.  Remember though, I was the only one in my apartment with one.  For you young kids out there, back in ’02 there were not nearly as many cellphone towers as there are today, which caused everyone tailgating to have no service all day.

You might think there is nothing spectacular about that, but what amazed me was how quickly chaos ensued.  Girls standing around crying because they could not find anyone.  The simple task of looking for people had become forgotten in a few years.  We did not know where our tailgate was that year, we had a general idea and wandered around until we found someone we knew (actually we just listened for one of the louder members of the group).

As you can see that is me in the middle, my brother on the left and my brother’s friend Huff on the right.  When I saw this picture on facebook, I thought to myself:  why does that seem familiar?

What the hell?  Basically the same pose by me.  I guess that is my default stance when I am in the middle of two people.

Anyways, it was a good time this weekend and I hope that I am to do it more this fall…