Fantasy Baseball Draft Part 2

Last week, Ryan posted an invite to join his friends fantasy league.  I talked to the guy in charge, Brad, and decided that this was a league I wanted in on.  The league is a keeper league, which is something I have always wanted to do, but unfortunately our leagues always have people who decide not to play one year or whatnot.  This is also a Rotisserie style league, 5×5 basic scoring.  Usually we do head-to-head, so this is a nice change of pace.

The way they do it, the four rookies in the league get to draft first, the others can keep up to three players from their last years roster.  I wound up with the second pick, Ryan had the first.   Unfortunately, these were the players already taken:

Joe Mauer
Prince Fielder
Mark Texeira
Miguel Cabrera
Ryan Howard
CC Sabathia
Adam Wainwright
Jon Lester
Josh Beckett
Ryan Braun
Carl Crawford
Matt Holliday
Albert Pujols
Matt Kemp
Tim Lincecum
Chase Utley
Roy Halladay
Alex Rodriguez

I had two strategies depending on what pick I had and who was available (obviously).  If one of the big power hitting first basemen was available, I would take them.  If Tim Lincecum was available, I would take him in the first round.  Why Lincecum?  Well, I figured if I took him, I would go the pitcher route and just use my first two picks to take top pitchers.

You see, the lineups favor hitters, 13 batters only 8 pitchers.  Brad said that most guys take six starters and two closers.  If I was going the pitching route, I was going to take 5 big gun starters and 3 big closers.  Unfortunately, after seeing his name off the board, I realized I had one of two players to take:  Hanley Ramirez or Evan Longoria.  Ryan took H-Ram.

Here is my lineup, with the round I took them in:

C:  Ryan Doumit  (20)
1B: Adrian Gonzalez (2)
2B: Rickie Weeks (18)
3B: Evan Longoria (1)
SS: Elvis Andrus (11)
CI: Adam Dunn (7)
MI: Alcides Escobar (15)
OF: Adam Lind (4)
OF: Nick Markakis (6)
OF: Nelson Cruz (9)
OF: Jason Heyward (14)
OF: Chris Coghlan (17)
UTIL:  Travis Hafner (16)

P: Dan Haren (3)
P: Matt Cain (5)
P: Heath Bell (8)
P: Brian Wilson (10)
P: John Lackey (12)
P: John Danks (13)
P: Phil Hughes (19)
P: Fausto Carmona (21)

I like my team, as long as guys stay healthy.  There are also players I am looking at if certain guys start out slow.  I had a few pitchers I liked with the final pick (well next to last pick of the draft), but Carmona interests me.  Can he regain even 70% of the skill we saw when he won 19 games?  Most of the other guys left were mainly projected as 11-12 game winners.  Still, some of the guys left are guys I like, so if Carmona and Hughes start off badly, I can replace them.

I had to laugh because there are pay outs if you have the All Star MVP and Home Run Derby champion.  Longoria was my pick to win AL MVP this season, maybe I will get lucky and he will win one or the other for me instead…

I will post results each week about both leagues.  Maybe in the same post on Mondays, but who knows.  I wouldn’t mind input from everyone about this league, well except Ryan, who had a good draft as well.

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