Fantasy Baseball Week One

The week started off good.  Then it went way down hill.  I realize some people think that this could be a small sample problem, but in reality fantasy baseball is all about small sample sizes.  Unfortunately, I am seeing a few problems with my team.  Average might be the big one, and maybe saves.  I did screw up and forgot to start a few guys one day.  I doubt that really hurt me.

I think my best bet would be to hold out for another week and then reevaluate my team.  Two weeks in will give a much better idea of how players could perform.  If things continue to look the same, I will have to make a trade.  Also, it is hard to tell if my team underperformed, or if Imler’s team is just that good.  Time will tell.  He beat me 9-3.  Some of the categories were somewhat close, others were not.

In the other league, I am currently in third place and I am ahead of Ryan, which is my real goal.  Oddly enough, that team has almost the same players, swap Braun for Longoria and a few others.  Anyways, I will probably not keep updating about that league, since only Ryan is in it.

Speaking of real baseball.  We got to see Strasburg pitch.  I do believe he will be the real deal.  Maybe not Lincecumesque, but a very good pitcher.  The Nationals probably need to work on their defense (maybe get rid of Adam Dunn).  His fastball, when connected with, moves quickly (obviously).  He will not strike everyone out.  People who believe that are mildly challenged.

I really wish the Pirates had someone like him in the system.  Be nice to have a big power pitcher.  Although, Rudy Owens pitched a pretty good game.  He still needs work, but I like what I saw.