Fantasy Baseball Week Three

I realize that it is only Sunday night and that the total results are not actually in yet (although it seems that Yahoo has decided to keep the Match Up section updated to the minute), I can say with some certainty that I beat Offord 7-3 this week.  That should help me jump up in the standings.

My team is finally on track, in fact this is definitely one of the best teams in the league.  Oh, I know what you are thinking “last week you thought they sucked….”  And that is true, but then I made a few changes. The most notable being a trade that I am guessing is a bit controversial.  I traded David Wright and Jason Bay for Shin-Soo Choo, Prince Fielder, and Kevin Youkilis.  I realize that may not seem too fair to everyone, but let me assure you it was not my doing.  I originally offered Bay/Lincecum for Choo/Fielder.  Lincecum is rated the number two player in fantasy baseball, figured this was more than fair.  Then I get a decline email and a counter offer…of course I took the deal.  I let it go for a day, figuring people would complain about it since I am the commissioner, but no one said anything.

That being said, Ryan Braun basically beat Offord’s team all by himself.  He had a .364 AVE/2 HR/3 SB/8 RBI this week and that is after a crappy series against the Cubs (1-11).  Against the Pirates he hit 7 for 11!  That is a good series.

You might be wondering why I would want to trade Tim Lincecum.  Well I have pitching depth, maybe not the best pitchers, but definitely some of the good ones.  I would still entertain trades for Lincecum, but they would still have to be huge trades.  Right now, I still have very good relievers, but they are getting very few save opportunities.  Heath Bell and Jonathon Broxton, two of the best also with Neftali Feliz.  I should get plenty of saves, but right now I am floundering…

Anyways,this week I take on Happy Valley Swagger who was ahead of me in the standings, but is now right behind me.  He has a strong pitching staff, led by Halladay and Greinke.  I do believe that with most things starting to normalize, my team will prevail.