Fantasy Baseball Week Two

I started out the week mildly worried.  I was playing James and even though his team does not look very good on paper, his pitchers played way above their heads (i.e. Jonathon Sanchez).  I do not think I had any pitchers even start until Wednesday.

After that though, my pitching was a dominant force.  I dropped Kazmir and picked up Brian Matusz.  I also traded Derek Jeter/Ryan Doumit/Ryan Madson for Matt Weiters/Ricky Romero/Juan Uribe.  The biggest problem my team faces right now is batting average.

Ryan Braun was my big player of the week, which would not surprise me if he was every week.  I really need Jason Bay or David Wright to pick up their game a little bit (or a lot).

Anyways, I won 8-4 and that puts me in sixth place with an 11-13 record.  I take on Offord this week, who is dominating at 20-4.  I better bring my A-game this week.