Girlfriend of the Week

What do you do when you are home during the week around noon?  You can only watch ESPN for so long before wanting to stab someone.  You could do what I do…watch the show Las Vegas.  Why the hell would anyone want to do that you might be asking?  Well for the hot chicks is a good reason.

One of those girls is Vanessa Marcil.  Some people would argue that Molly Sims is hotter, and I suppose that is a fine opinion to have, but I think Vanessa is so hot.  Also her character is one of my favorites on the show.  She is sassy, and as some of you know, I like that in my women.  Know what else I like in my women?  Me.  Ah yes, I will steal a Bloodhound Gang joke.

Did you realize that she is 41 years old?  Without doing any GOTW research, she could be the oldest one to date.  She obviously does not look that old.

Wait, she also dated Brian Austin Green…how the hell does that guy bang so many hot girls?  Messed up.

If you look to the right…further right, past the sexy picture of Vanessa, you will see under the Sports section, I have added another blog called HockeyPunx.  A very cool site that celebrates both hockey and punk music.  Two things that definitely go together, like me and Vanessa Marcil…ah yes, the easy lame joke.  I am just full of them tonight.  Anyways, I suggest checking out the site, very cool.