Kick-Ass: Review

As most of you know, I have been pretty excited about this movie.  I have never read the comic, but have heard very good things.

What can I say?  It lived up to my expectations.  Actually, it exceeded them.  I went in kind of nervous, thinking that it could either go two ways:  very good or very bad. 

I figured if it was good, it would be up there with Spider-Man or Iron Man.  If it was bad though, it would be ridiculously bad, like The Spirit.

The Spirit was such a campy, bad movie, but it took itself very serious.  Fortunately, Kick-Ass does not have that problem.  It does not come across as silly or anything campy.  Actually, the best review I have read for the movie comes from Filmdrunk.  I agree with everything in the review.

One of the things I have thought about is the suspense of disbelief in the movie.  Actually in any comic book movie.  The funny thing is, people will allow the idea that Gamma radiation will turn a man into a green monster (and not kill him with cancer), or that a spider can bite someone and give them super strength.  Yet, people will complain that an eleven year old girl could not beat the crap out of a bunch of grown men.

Let me say that Hit-Girl is the highlight of this movie.  Aside from some weird fantasies I have about young girls in wigs who can kill people, I really feel like the girl who played Hit-Girl was absolutely amazing.  She could definitely be a star.  She delivered lines perfectly and hilariously. 

My favorite fight scene of the movie was definitely the rescue scene where the film it with night vision.  It looks like a video game, and the first thing I thought of was how for a little kid, this would be such an easy way to go out and kill people.  I mean, it would probably be just like playing Call of Duty or something.  Especially to a little girl whose dad has trained her to take the impact of a bullet into her bullet proof vest.  Anyways, that fight scene, switching to night vision, to strobe light, to darkness, to a little bit of flame lighting was awesome.

I really had no complaints with the movie, I really wish we could have seen Lyndsy Fonseca’s boobs whenever Dave was applying that fake tan lotion.  So hot….

For those of you that saw it, let me know what you thought about it.  And enjoy this last picture of Hit-Girl, which if this is a poster, I want one for my apartment.  Is that a little creepy?

Comic Book Movie Grade:  A