Lost: Episode 611

I was excited that Desmond was back on the island.  I figured we would get to see something like a battle between him and SmokeLocke.  Naturally I was completely wrong.

On The Island
Widmore zaps Desmond with a nice, heavy dosage of electromagnetism, which killed the first guy, but does not kill Desmond.  Widmore says that Desmond will have to sacrifice in order to save everything or everyone.

After the experiment Desmond seems happy and agrees to help Widmore.  Sayid shows up and kills some dudes, and takes Desmond away.  Does Desmond seem a little bit retarded now?

This one makes a little more sense than some of the others.  Desmond works for Widmore and is his right hand man.   He is given the task of babysitting Charlie, who is to play music with Daniel Widmore, Charles and Eloise’s son, who is a musician.

Charlie and Desmond have both had visions of things from the island.  For Desmond it is his life with Penny and of Charlie drowning showing him the “Not Penny’s Boat” written on his hand.  Charlie remembers the love he felt with Claire.  Daniel is able to write down a quantum mechanics equation and he believes that he set off a nuclear bomb.

By the end of the episode, Desmond meets Penny and they agree to go out for coffee.

-Nothing really learned during this episode, except that Desmond wants to meet with all the passengers.  Does this mean that both realities will start to converge?

-Anyone else excited that we get an all-knowing Hurley coming up?  The preview showed him as the one with answers.  That is something I can live with.