Lost: Episode 612

What a cool episode.  Hurley the leader, Desmond being Desmond, and plenty of answers.  Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit with that last one.

On the Island
Michael visits Hurley and informs him that he is making a mistake by allowing Richard to blow up the plane.  Hurley then takes it upon himself to blow up the Black Rock so they cannot destroy the plane.  Oh this all happens after Ilana blows herself up, sorry I forgot about that.  

Richard wants to go back to the DHARMA barracks and grab some grenades, but Hurley says that Jacob wants them to go meet SmokeLocke.  Richard calls him out though by asking Hurley “what is the island.”  I guess the cork answer is what he was looking for.  Miles and Ben leave with Richard.  Jack, Frank, and Sun head with Hurley.

Sayid returns with Desmond.  SmokeLocke and Desmond go for a little walk.  They talk about the well, SmokeLocke explains that people used to dig because their compass would spin in these areas.  He also explains that Widmore is only interested in power.  He then wants to know why Desmond is not afraid, Desmond says that there is no reason to be afraid.  SmokeLocke then throws him down the well.

As night falls, Hurley and his group seem lost in the jungle.  They begin to hear the whispering voices, Hurley thinks he knows what they are and walks on alone.  Michael comes to him and says that the voices are those who died on the island and have not moved on.  He shows him the way to SmokeLocke’s camp.  He then asks Hurley that if he ever talks to Libby, let her know that he is sorry for killing her.

Hurley meets up with SmokeLocke and says that the others will be down, but he wants a promise they will not be hurt.  SmokeLocke agrees to the deal.

This one focuses on Hurley and Libby.  Remember, in this reality, Hurley is a successful businessman.  Libby comes up to him at a restaurant and says how they know each other.  Hurley does not have the memories.  He then finds that she is a mental patient.

Desmond visits Hurley and nudges him into meeting with her and maybe hearing her out.  Hurley then takes her out on a date, they get to do that picnic.  She kisses him and he remembers the other reality.  Desmond is watching and drives away.  Later, Desmond is at the school watching Locke wheel away.  Ben talks to him (he thinks Desmond is some molester).  Desmond then hits Locke with his car.  The look on Locke’s face is that of everyone else when they have their epiphany.

-Did Desmond run Locke over because he somehow saw SmokeLocke pushing him down the well?  Makes no sense, but it does explain why Desmond seemed so calm about everything.  Did he see not just Penny, but did he see everything?  Weird.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.  Desmond was not brought to the island because he has some magical power against the Smoke Monster.  Instead, he has the ability to see both realities, in full:  future/past/present.  I like it.

-I am believing more and more that Jack will replace Jacob.  The way he seems to be learning about himself, learning to trust in others, seems like he is being prepared.  That whole good in human nature thing…

-I forgot how hot Libby was, well at least how nice her boobs were.