Lost: Episode 613

For a series with only a few episodes left, you would think they would really try to bump up the action.  Unfortunately, this episode was pretty lame until about the last five minutes.

On Island
SmokeLocke and Jack have a conversation (well a very short one).  Jack learns that someone must be dead in order for the Smoke Monster to become them.  He also learns that the Smoke Monster impersonated (I guess that is a good enough word) his father.  SmokeLocke’s reason was that the survivors needed to find water.  Claire and Jack also discuss how they are brother and sister.

SmokeLocke sends Sayid to kill Desmond, unfortunately Desmond has a few questions for Sayid, such as “what we he tell the woman he loves what he had to do to get her back from the dead.  I am guessing Desmond is still alive.

The plan is for Sawyer and Kate to take the boat and grab the rest of the group to head to the other island.  Sawyer informs Hurley, Sun, Frank, and Jack that they plan to leave on the sub.  They go ahead, but Claire joins them.  Sawyer and Jack have a discussion about the island.  Jack does not feel right about leaving.

Sawyer threatens him and Jack just hops off the boat and swims back to the island.  Once he gets there, he sees SmokeLocke.  Unfortunately, at the other island, Widmore’s goons take the other group prisoner and then launch some missiles at SmokeLocke.

It looks like everyone is about dead, SmokeLocke grabs Jack and carries him into the jungle.  He then tells Jack that he is safe because he is with him now…

All sorts of boring stuff happened.  Everyone is converging.  Sawyer and Miles arrest Sayid, right after questioning Kate.  Desmond meets with Claire and then she meets with Jack.  Jack leaves and goes to perform surgery on Locke.  Sun passes by Locke and recognizes him (she seems afraid).

Jack seems confident that he can save Locke.  I have a feeling that this will be very important for whatever happens.  I wonder if that will somehow cause Locke to return to the island, which will cause the Smoke Monster to dissipate?  Probably not.

-I really do believe that Jack will end up being the replacement for Jacob.  He believes it himself, especially the way he thinks that SmokeLocke may be afraid if they stay on the island.

-I wonder if Jack’s tattoo will come into play.  “He walks amongst us, but is not one of us.”  That sounds like Jacob, right?