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Do not fear everyone, I will go through with the leg shaving thing.  Just need the time to sit down and do it.  Anyways, I figured it was time for a new poll.  I decided to make this one about a subject very near and dear to many people:  Twilight!  Ah yes, what is better than making fun of Twilight…

Here is the question:  Which Twilight star will end up in some kind of scandal, either sex related or drug related?

Kristen Stewart
I would imagine this would be something sex related.  Probably after the movies are filmed, someone will release a sex tape of her and the defensive line for the Houston Texans.

Robert Pattinson
I pretty much know how this one will go down.  They will find him dead of an overdose probably from taking too much Advil.

Taylor Lautner
Wolf-boy will probably end up being the cleanest of them all.  He will go onto a big movie career showing off his abs.  In fact, I will probably hate him for a few years, but then he will start doing actual movies and I will come around (like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio).

Cam Gigandet
Hahahahaha, this one is way too easy.  Arrested at the airport on a trip back from Thailand.  He will be found with two 12 year old Thai boys in his luggage. 

Ashley Greene
I really do not see anything bad happening her.  I mean, I imagine she does a full spread for Playboy (I hope so).

Dakota Fanning
I realize she is not one of the stars of the movies, but she is in them and I imagine something bad happening her to as well.  Something tells me that when she turns 18, she starts dating Denzel Washington.  I think he once said she was the hottest actress he ever worked with.

Obviously, these are just funny guesses.  You just need to vote on the the person, not on the situation.

4 thoughts on “New Poll

  1. Dude, Ashley already had a sex related scandal like a year ago. It was relegated to pics, which may or may not be allowed for this contest, but still.

  2. Wasn’t that the SoBe pictures that were leaked online? I do not consider that a scandal. I am thinking someone being involved in a gangbang with midgets would be more scandalous.

  3. Weren’t the sobe pics just body paint? I remember actual nakedness, more akin to the rihanna or vanessa hudgens stuff. but again, these things don’t involve midgetry, so i guess it doesn’t count.

  4. haha, i keep trying to find anything about there being naked pictures of her, mainly because I really want to see them…

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