Opening Day

Monday was the Opening Day of baseball, which as most of you know is a holiday for me.  I went to Pittsburgh after playing cards on Easter.  Steve and I got up and we continued our tradition of going to Denny’s for breakfast.  We then grabbed some beer, caught the bus, and met up with people for some tailgating.

I bought a ticket off a scalper, which ended up being awesome seats, behind home plate, on the lower level.  Ryan and his girlfriend were sitting like four sections over, which was rather random.  The stadium was packed, especially since at the home closer there were like 234 people in the stadium.

The game was absolutely awesome.  Garrett Freakin’ Jones hit two homers, one of which left the ballpark.  Doumit hit one, mostly to make me look silly.  I said to Steve that he never hits homeruns from the right side, and the next pitch, he drills one over the left field wall.

The Pirates won the game 11-5.  I guess I am a good luck charm, since that makes two years in a row they won their home opener.  The Ryan Church pinch hit was awesome.  It was a fantastic game.  Nice to see a game like this.  Unfortunately, these kind of games are probably going to be few and far between.

After the game we went outside and I did some silly things with the Willie Stargell statue.  May have been on my way to a good drunk.

Actually, this picture was just me hugging his leg, but it really looks like I am trying to jerk him off.

This next picture, is exactly what it looks like.  I am pretending to massage the statues testicles.

Yes, that is a pretty sweet Roberto Clemente jersey I am wearing.  I made the mistake of wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath though, definitely did not need it.  I actually got a good bit of sun on my neck.

Once we were done fooling around, we headed to Calico Jack’s for some more beer.

We then left the bar and headed back to Crafton in order to partake in trivia.  First though, we stopped at Fireside to shoot some pool.  I do not remember who won though.

Do not ask me what kind of face I am making.  That is Mikaela in the picture, she is a friend of Steve.

I found out the next day that we actually won trivia.  I have no clue how though, since I do not remember the questions.  Except for the one about Greek and Roman gods.  You had to name the Greek god from it’s Roman counterpart.

All in all, it was an awesome time.  I cannot wait for the next game we go to.